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Introducing The Gem Club
At the close of 2019, The Wonder Jam went on a listening tour. As thousands of business builders have hired us, we get to hear a lot. We stay curious and ask a lot of questions (curiosity puts ...
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Allie, Adam, Matt of The Wonder Jam
How to Create a Sense – and a Reality – of Belonging with Your Customers
Let’s take a look at some of the most illogical and debunked beliefs and how they take root.  Flat-earthers and white supremacists are groups who hold, celebrate, and rally around well-researched and easily debunked belief systems. Those are ...
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6 Tip-Top Referral Generating Tactics and Why They Work
Each week, The Wonder Jam sends out an email with news and updates from our wonderful community of ambitious, creative people (you can sign up for this email at the bottom of our homepage). Sometimes folks from that ...
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Red & Green Buttons
(This concept is, at worst, stolen and, at best, adapted from Seth Godin’s article entitled “Understanding critical path.”) It’s important to know who has the most important job at any given moment. This is an essential part of ...
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We’re Doing Forgiveness Wrong
Have you ever won an argument only to lose a relationship? You know that moment: you’ve argued too hard, voice is raised, tone shifts, and you summon an argumentative point that is really a personal attack masquerading as ...
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