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Red & Green Buttons
(This concept is, at worst, stolen and, at best, adapted from Seth Godin’s article entitled “Understanding critical path.”) It’s important to know who has the most important job at any given moment. This is an essential part of ...
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We’re Doing Forgiveness Wrong
Have you ever won an argument only to lose a relationship? You know that moment: you’ve argued too hard, voice is raised, tone shifts, and you summon an argumentative point that is really a personal attack masquerading as ...
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The Problem with Pedestals
Our brains make a mistake by thinking “businesses are best run by famous people.” Think of the books, the articles, the podcast episodes you’re fed every day. What kind of pedestal are those bits of media building. A ...
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Why I Developed the More Clients for 1-Person Businesses Workshop
I was trained in the dark arts of “sales”—learning the tricks to make money, sell things, and persuade others to follow along. I wasn’t particularly great at this skill, but I was trained in it, nonetheless. Graduating college ...
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Introducing: Diamond Membership 2.0
FYI, we’re making a few tweaks to our Diamond Membership (woo-hoo!). Read on to learn more… ---------------------- Non-Fluctuating Price Here’s the 411: If you’re a new member, we’ve fixed our price to just $250/year. And we’re committed to ...
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