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The Rise and Fall of Your Dreams
Over the past month, I’ve met with three business owners who care so damn much about what they’re doing. They have a quest more than they have a business, really.    When you ask them what they want ...
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Finding YOUR People
Picture this: you have a full-time job, but you’ve got an idea brewing—an idea for a business that interests you. And you can’t stop thinking about it. Poking around online, you find a few articles about how you ...
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Why I’m Changing the Way I Tackle Big Projects
Running a business can oftentimes feel like you’re doing 4 jobs at once. Or maybe more like 10. And if we're being honest with ourselves, we might have a hard time describing exactly what those jobs are. But ...
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Season 3: Episode 10 – The Last Episode of Season 3!?
The Last Episode of Season 3!? In this Season 3 Finale episode, Allie asks Adam about what he learned from playing sports growing up, as well as what he’s noticed about female-owned businesses. He also explains the meaning ...
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Season 3: Episode 9 – Some Thoughts on Re-Branding, Teaching vs Doing & Other Stuff
Some Thoughts on Re-Branding, Teaching vs Doing & Other Stuff Adam asks Allie to talk about how to know when re-branding is the right decision for a business or individual. They also discuss the balance between teaching vs ...
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