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The Only Instagram Caption Formula You Need To Improve Engagement
The other day, as I was crafting Instagram captions for a client of mine, I stumbled across a sobering, albeit hilarious, quote that we decided to use as one of her social graphics: “Hell hath no fury like ...
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Show Me a Catchy Headline and I’ll Show You More Clients
It took me 25 minutes to write this headline. No, that’s not a typo. In fact, headlines sometimes take me longer to write than the actual body copy of an email or website. Sounds kinda backwards, right? Well, ...
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Yep, Blogging is Important. Here’s How to Maximize its Value for Your Business…
I know what you’re thinking: a blog post written about blogging? So meta. In all seriousness, blogging for your business is extremely important. Not only is it an easy way to boost the SEO value of your website ...
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Open Thread: How Do You Seek Creative Inspiration?
If you’re the creative type (think: photographer, writer, designer, etc.), you’re probably no stranger to finding inspiration for your clients and/or personal passion projects. Maybe that looks like following cool people doing cool things on Instagram, or pinning ...
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How To Write A Killer Bio For Your About Page
Talking about yourself is hard. Like, really hard. Which is why you can imagine the look on many of our clients’ faces when we say “let’s talk about your website bio.” After a deep sigh, and a slight ...
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