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Top 3 Tips for Productivity from a Project Manager
It’s hard to believe that next month (September!) I’ll be celebrating one year of working at The Wonder Jam. I spent most of the last year in a part-time role, but have recently been hired as a full-time ...
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6 Tip-Top Referral Generating Tactics and Why They Work
Each week, The Wonder Jam sends out an email with news and updates from our wonderful community of ambitious, creative people (you can sign up for this email at the bottom of our homepage). Sometimes folks from that ...
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You Wouldn’t Rush Cooking a Chicken, So Why Are You Rushing the Design Process?
Just as you wouldn’t rush cooking a chicken, you never want to rush the design process. Good design needs time to marinate—to soak up as much goodness as it possibly can. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a subpar ...
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Show Me a Catchy Headline and I’ll Show You More Clients
It took me 25 minutes to write this headline. No, that’s not a typo. In fact, headlines sometimes take me longer to write than the actual body copy of an email or website. Sounds kinda backwards, right? Well, ...
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We’re Doing Forgiveness Wrong
Have you ever won an argument only to lose a relationship? You know that moment: you’ve argued too hard, voice is raised, tone shifts, and you summon an argumentative point that is really a personal attack masquerading as ...
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