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You Don’t Need Photoshop to Create Beautiful Things (Use This Free Tool Instead!)
I’ve been managing social media accounts for over 8 years now. For some of my past clients, the content was easy to create because they had a plethora of photos and a designer who would make on-brand graphics ...
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Small Talk, Slow Fashion: Designing for a Local Business That Actually Cares
Last year, one of my most favorite projects was being able to work with Suzanne Riska and Chloe Crites of Small Talk. Small Talk is located on a cute strip in Clintonville next to some of my other ...
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4 Things You Can Do Today To Make Your Brand a Bit More Magical
The best brands stick themselves deep in the minds of their audience. They surprise and connect and delight. The best brands feel magical. Magic is created when something doesn't seem to add up, there's a science underneath everything ...
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