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We just want to help.

We’ve crafted many new affordable, creative, and efficient packages to help you with e-commerce, websites, branding, and other needs.

So if you're overwhelmed by options or not sure what you require, please go ahead and fill out our inquiry form.  We'll figure out quickly if it's a good fit, and it it isn't we can help guide you to a better one!

~ The Wonder Jam Team ~

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6 Things to Remember Amidst COVID19
To our clients & customers & friends & fans:  I’d like to invite you to settle in and listen close. I have a few things I’d like to drip into your brain.  1. This is New and Different. ...
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Understanding how The CARES Act Applies to Your Business On April 1st, we sat down (virtually of course) for a Q&A with one of our lawyers - Mark Stansbury of Stansbury Weaver, LTD. We talked about all things CARES Act and how the legislation applies to ...
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Okay, But What Types of Photos Actually Perform Best on Social Media?
Fact: Just because it’s a great photo, doesn’t mean it will perform well. That’s the first thing I learned when I started taking photos for a small business’s social media account. I will never forget how confused I ...
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Top 3 Tips for Productivity from a Project Manager
It’s hard to believe that next month (September!) I’ll be celebrating one year of working at The Wonder Jam. I spent most of the last year in a part-time role, but have recently been hired as a full-time ...
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How to Set Up Your Professional Email Address to Maximize Your Workflow
Email. Everyone has it. No one likes it. However, it’s not going away anytime soon, so we’ve gotta deal. And, yes, while dealing with a daily deluge of inquiries, promotions, to-dos and follow-ups in your inbox feels daunting ...
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