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Allie, Adam, Matt of The Wonder Jam
How to Create a Sense – and a Reality – of Belonging with Your Customers
Let’s take a look at some of the most illogical and debunked beliefs and how they take root.  Flat-earthers and white supremacists are groups who hold, celebrate, and rally around well-researched and easily debunked belief systems. Those are ...
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6 Tip-Top Referral Generating Tactics and Why They Work
Each week, The Wonder Jam sends out an email with news and updates from our wonderful community of ambitious, creative people (you can sign up for this email at the bottom of our homepage). Sometimes folks from that ...
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Why I Developed the More Clients for 1-Person Businesses Workshop
I was trained in the dark arts of “sales”—learning the tricks to make money, sell things, and persuade others to follow along. I wasn’t particularly great at this skill, but I was trained in it, nonetheless. Graduating college ...
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Podcasting. Getting Started and Tools to Use
The Wonder Jam started a podcast. Over the years, plenty of people told us that we should record one. We watched a few friends start their own and we even had some false starts. It wasn't until I ...
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What I’ve Learned From Public Speaking
Over the past five years, I've taught countless classes, presented at conferences and presented my work (almost weekly). I used to get nervous all the time. Now I get nervous sometimes. I still sweat a lot. But I'm much ...
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