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Allie, Adam, Matt of The Wonder Jam
How to Create a Sense – and a Reality – of Belonging with Your Customers
Let’s take a look at some of the most illogical and debunked beliefs and how they take root.  Flat-earthers and white supremacists are groups who hold, celebrate, and rally around well-researched and easily debunked belief systems. Those are ...
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Okay, But What Types of Photos Actually Perform Best on Social Media?
Fact: Just because it’s a great photo, doesn’t mean it will perform well. That’s the first thing I learned when I started taking photos for a small business’s social media account. I will never forget how confused I ...
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6 Tip-Top Referral Generating Tactics and Why They Work
Each week, The Wonder Jam sends out an email with news and updates from our wonderful community of ambitious, creative people (you can sign up for this email at the bottom of our homepage). Sometimes folks from that ...
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The Only Instagram Caption Formula You Need To Improve Engagement
The other day, as I was crafting Instagram captions for a client of mine, I stumbled across a sobering, albeit hilarious, quote that we decided to use as one of her social graphics: “Hell hath no fury like ...
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You Should Be Paying More Attention to Your Instagram Hashtags
There are two ways to approach Instagram hashtags. You can either: Throw a bunch of them on the end of a post and cross your fingers they’ll work (not recommended)Develop a strategy and actually stick to it (highly ...
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