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Season 4: Episode 11 – The Problem with The Next Step
After we took an expected break from the podcast (travel! yay!), we're back. In this episode, Adam and Allie talk about how to figure out what to do next (in all areas of life). It's easy to feel ...
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Season 4: Episode 10 – Behind the Scenes of Receiving Advice
Adam and Allie discuss good advice and bad advice that they've received from others in the past. They discuss what advice to listen to and what advice to ignore. Plus, our favorite segment: Isn't That Neat! Subscribe Follow ...
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Season 4: Episode 9 – The Problem with Pressure
Adam and Allie talk about their experiences dealing with pressure — all different forms of pressure coming from all different kinds of sources. Of course, they also get into something that they noticed this week that was doing ...
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Season 4: Episode 8 – Behind the Scenes of Having a Studio Space
In this behind-the-scenes episode of the podcast, Adam and Allie talk about how their business changed when they transitioned from working from home to occupying a physical studio space. Adam breaks down monthly expenses and Allie talks about ...
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Season 4: Episode 7 – The Problem with Taking Your Own Advice
Adam and Allie discuss the challenges that go along with doing the work you do for others for yourself — designers building their own websites, photographers being in front of the camera, coaches taking their own advice. We ...
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