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A Beginners Guide to Moodboarding
Let’s talk about how to build a moodboard. Spoiler alert: there’s really no correct way. The point of a moodboard is to a) collect and understand your inspiration and b) help create unity for the visuals you’re about ...
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Why I’m Changing the Way I Tackle Big Projects
Running a business can oftentimes feel like you’re doing 4 jobs at once. Or maybe more like 10. And if we're being honest with ourselves, we might have a hard time describing exactly what those jobs are. But ...
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Why We Batch Tasks and Why You Should Too!
Over the past year (The Wonder Jam turns 1 in May!) we have learned a lot. A LOT.... One of the harshest realities is that creativity blooms when given rails. When rails don't exist, time creeps into everything ...
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