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The Wonder Jam’s Friends Share Tips on Working From Home
Ahh, working from home. It’s a dream come true and simultaneously a nightmare. Working from home can mean some wonderful things—from sweatpants all day to cuddly pets nearby—but it can also mean distractions and a loss of productivity. ...
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How to Set Up Your Professional Email Address to Maximize Your Workflow
Email. Everyone has it. No one likes it. However, it’s not going away anytime soon, so we’ve gotta deal. And, yes, while dealing with a daily deluge of inquiries, promotions, to-dos and follow-ups in your inbox feels daunting ...
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Red & Green Buttons
(This concept is, at worst, stolen and, at best, adapted from Seth Godin’s article entitled “Understanding critical path.”) It’s important to know who has the most important job at any given moment. This is an essential part of ...
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We’re Doing Forgiveness Wrong
Have you ever won an argument only to lose a relationship? You know that moment: you’ve argued too hard, voice is raised, tone shifts, and you summon an argumentative point that is really a personal attack masquerading as ...
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Forget Comparison, Challenge Your Thinking & Pull Inspiration from Elsewhere
Today, I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite accounts I follow on Instagram that I don’t consider a part of my field in graphic design. These accounts give me a little break from getting too caught ...
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