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What the Heck is a Social Media Content Calendar and How Do I Get One?
Hello, and welcome to 2019*, where you kinda-sorta-have-ta keep up with social media if you want to find success as an online brand. While social media might seem simple (you just log in and post stuff, right?), there's ...
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Open Thread: How Do You Seek Creative Inspiration?
If you’re the creative type (think: photographer, writer, designer, etc.), you’re probably no stranger to finding inspiration for your clients and/or personal passion projects. Maybe that looks like following cool people doing cool things on Instagram, or pinning ...
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Tips on How to Manage ALL THE THINGS
Hi friends! My name is Dayna and I’m the Project Manager here at The Wonder Jam. I’ve been in a project management role for the last 8 years and even owned my own business, alongside my husband, for ...
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Website Checklist: Are You Ready?
Whether you’re hiring a web designer or embarking on a DIY Website Journey, here are some key things to consider and have ready before you dive in. This is a much more detailed version of the very pretty ...
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A Beginners Guide to Moodboarding
Let’s talk about how to build a moodboard. Spoiler alert: there’s really no correct way. The point of a moodboard is to a) collect and understand your inspiration and b) help create unity for the visuals you’re about ...
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