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6 Things to Remember Amidst COVID19
To our clients & customers & friends & fans:  I’d like to invite you to settle in and listen close. I have a few things I’d like to drip into your brain.  1. This is New and Different. ...
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Mindful Listening Focus with Chris McAlister:  Your People: Hire, Develop and Communicate Effectively 
Brandi Lust at The Learning Lab attended a workshop we hosted with Chris McAlister and wrote up a reflection on her experience. Brandi  facilitates workshops and retreats for organizations to help bring mindfulness to their work. The below ...
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A Review of Our Calendaring Workshop with Chris McAlister
Hi Folks, one of our smart, savvy friends is Brandi Lust. Brandi is a mindfulness consultant. Cool job title, right? She works with companies to help them bring mindfulness to their organizations. She speaks and teaches and facilitates ...
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