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TWJ October Team Travels
Some of our team got to travel to some really cool places in October. We asked them to reflect on their trips. Read on to learn about their biggest takeaways from their travels and their favorite small businesses ...
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Never Give Up
I heard these words over and over growing up. In fact, my dad had it written on a Post-it note on our treadmill and on his bike. He even wore a bracelet with these words on it. So, ...
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You Should Be Paying More Attention to Your Instagram Hashtags
There are two ways to approach Instagram hashtags. You can either: Throw a bunch of them on the end of a post and cross your fingers they’ll work (not recommended)Develop a strategy and actually stick to it (highly ...
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You Wouldn’t Rush Cooking a Chicken, So Why Are You Rushing the Design Process?
Just as you wouldn’t rush cooking a chicken, you never want to rush the design process. Good design needs time to marinate—to soak up as much goodness as it possibly can. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a subpar ...
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Yep, Blogging is Important. Here’s How to Maximize its Value for Your Business…
I know what you’re thinking: a blog post written about blogging? So meta. In all seriousness, blogging for your business is extremely important. Not only is it an easy way to boost the SEO value of your website ...
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