FYI, we’re making a few tweaks to our Diamond Membership (woo-hoo!). Read on to learn more…


Non-Fluctuating Price

Here’s the 411: If you’re a new member, we’ve fixed our price to just $250/year. And we’re committed to keeping it at that price until we get to 300 members.

Already a member? No worries! Your yearly price will stay the same as the one given to you when you signed up.

Monthly Capsules Now 6 Lessons

Good news! The Diamond Membership Capsules that you know and love will keep coming every month. However, rather than 12 lessons per capsule, we’re scaling down to 6.

Here’s why:

We decided that each lesson deserves to be a bit more in-depth. We’ve received a lot of feedback from our students that they’re having a hard time getting through all the capsule content each month, and they have a growing amount of backlogged content to go through.

We totally get this!

So we decided to help focus on BETTER content, not MORE content. Enter: the 6-lesson capsule.

Certificates for Capsule Completion

There are a number of folks in our membership who are doing a KILLER job at working through our capsules (we see you). We figured these are probably the types of folks who were valedictorians or straight-A students in school.

We think you should be rewarded for your efforts (you little teacher’s pet, you).

So, we’ve designed some fancy-schmancy certificates of completion. You can print these off and hang them on your fridge. Or frame them and hang them in your office. Or at least just post on social media bragging about how much smarter you are than everyone.

All the Discounts!

Ready for some sweet perks? As our small way of saying “thanks” to Diamond Members and helping y’all get more out of what we do, you’ll receive 25% off of TWJ workshops, merch, and other online courses we sell.

Not to mention, coaching with Adam is also discounted for Diamond Members. Pretty cool, right?

Diamond Clusters

As we’ve talked more and more to members, one of the most requested additions to the Diamond Membership is connecting with others who have similar businesses.

We LOVE this idea.

So, we’re kicking this addition off in 2-month clusters, covering a range of topics. Think: higher engaged deep-dives! Here’s how it works: For two months, we’ll host group chats, webinars, and emails all around applying capsule content to specific topics. For example, we might have someone dive into topics like website building, financial health, self-care, or the beauty/skincare/wellness industry.

We like to think of clusters as an accountability group—a discussion group. Remember those study groups in college? Kinda like that, but so much better. These clusters are focused less on teaching and more on the discussion. You can poke around a little or kick it into overdrive!

In August and September, we’ll be running two clusters: one for product businesses and one for service-based businesses. Then, in October and November, we’ll run one about finances and another about content marketing. By December, we’ll be focusing our discussion all around 2019 planning.


Get excited!



We love the feedback we’ve been getting from all our current members. And we can’t wait to add a bunch of you to our amazing membership!