Pour Out. Fill Up. Repeat.

In early days of The Wonder Jam, we had 22 open client projects at once.

Twenty-two people who needed our effort. Twenty-two people who – at any given moment – might email us and tell us how disappointed they were in our inability to pay attention to details or hit deadlines. Allie and I were sleeping 4 hours a night and binging on weekends (sleeping for 12 or 13 hours at a chunk). We were eating like garbage.

Sounds exhausting right?

Well it isn’t at the beginning….

We’re built to be able to handle stress. Adrenaline kicks into our bodies to help us stay alert longer than we normally would. Our bodies can filter out a decent chunk of the garbage we eat. It is actually built to do just that. That’s why I drink bourbon, so my liver doesn’t get bored. Our brains actually do a very decent job of managing stess, balancing our mind and taking care of others. Our muscles and joints our built to handle weird stresses. They are flexible, movable.

We just can’t do it constantly, without a moment of relief.

We’re built to be heroes. The sooner you get that through your head, the better you’ll be. You can give and help and make a difference and change the world. You can save lives, save relationships, or save the planet. It’s all possible and YOU CAN DO IT!

[Cut to the scene in Moulin Rouge singing “We can be heroes, just for one day…”]

But you can’t JUST pour out. You can’t.

You must refill.

Your mind and your body need some space to reset and clean out the systems. An amount of “rust” builds up whenever we’re busying running around emptying ourselves to help and grow and invest in things. We know this is true about money (debits vs credits) and about weight (calories burned vs calories consumed) but did you know the same is true about creativity and passion and influence and growth?

Pour out. Refill.

Even Batman needs to sleep sometimes.