The Wonder Jam.

Weird name right? I know….

Allie and I had schemed on what to call this little adventure.

I was very, very strongly biased towards something with the word “lion” in it, but I didn’t pitch that concept very well.

The Wonder Jam.



I know “the” is not a sexy word – unless you’re talking about THE Ohio State University. But what it does signify is a single entity. This is THE ONE.

Allie and I wanted our brand to be reflective of our individuality. So “THE” was added to the front.


Wonder is curiosity. It’s future looking and experimental. It’s dreaming and pushing and trying new things.

There is a type of branding & marketing professional that just does what everyone else is doing.

“Tweet at 6:30am. Email on Tuesday mornings at 5am. Post to Facebook 3 times a week. Use green buttons on your website.”

Those are all great pieces of advice & we do all those things, but it’s not what we wanted to be known for. It’s not what we talk about when we talk about our work. Those types of online activities tend to attract a type of client that Adam likes to call “Rat Bastards.” (Phrase stolen from advertising wizard Roy H Williams)


A phrase that we use all the time is “This is my Jam!” For example:

  • Beyonce IS MY JAM!
  • Ninja Turtles ARE MY JAM!
  • The Walking Dead IS MY JAM!

It’s a phrase of emotional connection, excitement and enthusiasm. All things that we want to bring to our work and bring to others.

There’s an inexplicable connection we have with people, brands and experiences. We can try to boil it down to a science and replicate it, but when it’s done well, no one can emulate it.