We recently had our entire team in the same city and we took full advantage of that fact. But first, I have to share a little bit about what we value here at The Wonder Jam. There are a few things that we believe are key:

– We believe that focusing on the work and the people in front of us are both very important.
– We believe in meeting deadlines and that it’s more important than being perfect.
– Communicating often is necessary.
– We should fail at things.
– Get past resistance and get into the flow.
– Listen, then speak.
– Your self-care is our lifeblood.

That last bullet point was a huge theme in our time together last month. It’s why we chose to do a few, intentional things together. We spent time at The Space, we ate dinner at Comune Restaurant and we spend a morning at Replenish Spa. Adam and I also took the time to talk about our work, our creativity and our goals for 2019. I am thankful for a place like Replenish, a safe and cozy place for our team of 8 to come and relax. We highly recommend it to small groups and teams (if it’s something you’re always looking for).

Plus, relaxation is helpful before you take team photos.